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12 Sep 2019

Regrowing Nationalism and the Bung Karno’s Ideas on Rencong Land

Banda Aceh, Aceh - Internalisation of nationalism values is a fraction of education. Internalising cultural values contained in education can form national character and prevent negative effect of globalisation and instill nationalism. Through education internalisation effort can grow moulding attitude and character of the nation. Internalisation can be interpreted as a cultural learning process in each individual.

"Education is the process of changing attitude and behaviour of a person or group. Through education human character is able to distinguish which is bad whic is good. Their true education makes people more human," said acting Head of Library and Archives Office of Aceh Didi Setiadi on Bung Karno’s Ideas Internalisation Talkshow at Syah Kuala University, Thursday, (12/9).

Bung Karno’s ideas internalisation is an attempt to regrow nationalism as well as pride of the nation.

According to Head of Information Service and Cooperation Bung Karno Library, Agus Sutoyo, the main purpose of socialisation is to reoperate library as a means of education while preserving Indonesian nationalism.  "Bung Karno’s ideas and nationalism until today is still relevant to be implemented in the life of society and state. Socialisation of Bung Karno’s nationalism and idealism also serve as a turning point to rebuild the sense of Indonesian nationalism through library and character education of the nation," told he.

Meanwhile, young Unsyiah historian Tengku Bahagia said we needed to revive the sense of nationality that has recently become a record because of friction, causing social problem and diversity. One of important parts of education to embed the concept of diversity is history education. History education is very influential in shaping the awareness and character of the nation.

"History education is a cultural process of national building, and the process of institutionalisation of positive values, such as ancestral heritage values, heroism and nationalism values, industrial society values, as well as national ideology values," said Tengku.

Bung Karno Library Socialisation was held by the cooperation of Bung Karno Library and Library and Archives Office of Aceh attended by participants of more than 354 people consisting of students and history teachers, college students and lecturers, reading community, literacy activists and general public. The event was also livened up with interactive discussion, quiz, and special exhibition of collections written by Bung Karno and about Bung Karno.



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