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10 Sep 2019

Educate the Nation through Music and Cultural Wisdom

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta- Music or songs play an important role in people's lives. Each music or song has cultural wisdom which can give the color of life and inspiration with every rhythm presented.

"National Library has the duty to preserve national culture, both printed and recorded," said Nurcahyono as Head of Directorate of Deposit commenting on the correlation between music and National Library on talkshow "Educate the Nation through Music and Cultural Wisdom"at National Library Service Building, Tuesday (10/9).

Behind the presence of music amid the community, Indonesia has quality musicians in creating artworks. Some of them are Dwiki Darmawan, Dewa Budjana, and music observer Bens Leo who were the speakers of the talkshow.

Dwiki told a story when he was a child learning traditional musical instrument angklung and rumba. Then at the age of seven he began to learn classical piano. "Since I was a kid I've learned Indonesian classical music. Proud to be Indonesian because we have a diversity of cultures,"Dwiki said. In order to realise his love for the world of Music education, Dwiki also actively shares his knowledge through music school of which he heads.

In line with Dwiki, Budjana is attracted by guitar since childhood. Although he did not pursue a formal education, Budjana was actively spawned his work. "Many of my works are naturally influenced by the nuance of regional music, for example gamelan," said Budjana.

Both Indonesian musicians have experienced failure, Dwiki once failed in winning piano competition and Budjana had once been out of work for two years in Jakarta. However, failure is not the end of everything. "Failure is a challenge and if we have a determination then surely it can work,” Budjana said.

On this occasion both musicians also handed over some of their works to be kept as collections at National Library.

Meanwhile, music critic Bens Leo also fully supports musicians to submit their work documentation to National Library. "Thus, the work submitted will be registered and protected its copyright as a copyrighted work of Indonesia," explained Bens.




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