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12 Sep 2019

“Pustaka: Tradition and Sustainability” Book Review

Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – National Library (Perpusnas) is represented as home for all Indonesians because by visiting library, community can easily access all the desired information and knowledge. This was conveyed by Head of General Collection Service (LKU) Perpusnas Luthfiati Makarim at “Pustaka-tradition and sustainability” book review held by Association of Library and Information Sciences Graduates (ISIPII), on Friday (12/9).

"ISIPII strongly prioritises scientific tradition and plays the role in maintaining library and information science to keep developing," said Ilus, the familiar nickname of Head of General Collection Service (LKU).

Writer Putu Laxman Pendit explained that there are two main issues that motivate him to write the book. First of all, issue of concern especially of scientists, educators and practitioners because it raises the idea that library science does not really exist. Second, the issue on fate of employees with librarian or library science title whose role will be eliminated. The viewpoint that later on library is no longer needed and replaced with a new form of science field was rebuffed by Putu.

"Library is a tradition that is still running and will not end in the near future. Later on if there is a change, we know where we are heading, then we will acknowledge and accept that library is a tradition, "he explained.




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