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18 Sep 2019

Socialisation of Indonesian Cancer Literacy Website for People to Understand Cancer

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – Up to this moment, the scourge of cancer still haunts the society. This disease is one of the diseases quite difficult to heal and has caused many deaths. However, if detected early, it will be faster to treat and curable. In addition, this disease can also be prevented if the community understands the ins and outs of cancer. This was conveyed by Andhika Rachman when he was a moderator at website socialisation at National Library Soekarman Theatre on Wednesday (18/9).

The event was part of a series of Perpusnas EXPO activities held in the framework of Library Visit Day on 14 September. One of the sites socialised at the website socialisation event was Indonesian Cancer Literacy website.

Indonesian Cancer Literacy website is a result of cooperation between Perpusnas and National Cancer Management Commission (KPKN) and Cancer Information & Support Center (CISC). The creation of this site aims to provide accurate information about cancer so that people do not get stuck with information sourced from 'it is said...'. Indonesian Cancer Literacy website can be visited at http://literasikanker.perpusnas.go.id/.

CISC chairperson Aryanthi Baramuli Putri revealed that the organisation in addition to providing information, also giving support. Therefore, CISC has the initiative to take Perpusnas in disseminating the right and useful information about cancer. "The need of the community, especially cancer patients is information. We perceive Perpusnas is the centre of information on a national scale. Meanwhile, in Indonesia there is not yet one medium of information about cancer. There is a lot of information about cancer, but scattered,” explained Aryanthi.

Also present as speaker, cancer survivor Shahnaz Haque. Shahnaz recounted her experience as she and some of her family members faced the illness. "Cancer is a story while sitting, eating, while drinking tea. Because it is a story close to my family,” said Shahnaz. She argues that the disease should not be addressed with sadness and depression, and should be taken by being happy, based on her experience and observations, in addition to the treatment efforts.


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