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16 Sep 2019

Librarian Certification Generates Superior Human Resources

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Librarians are invited to carry out certification to be superior human resources. Currently, librarian profession certification can be done at National Library. Librarians are asked to prepare themselves before conducting certification process consisting of three methods, namely written test, demonstration, and interview.

"Fellow librarians do not need to be afraid to carry out certification because all of its requirements already exist on Perpusnas web. For those who would like to register a certification, it is expected to fill APL 02 which is self-assessment of oneself, if one already feels competent, assesor will certify it,” explained National Library Senior Librarian Adriati at Inspirational Talk session with National Library Senior Librarian on Monday (16/9/2019). This activity is a series of Perpusnas Expo 2019 and held at Perpusnas Service building, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 11, Central Jakarta with such participants as librarian, literacy activist, and library science academic community.

According to Adriati, librarian certification is very useful because the person concerned will obtain higher value from the institution. Moreover, librarian certification has already met with Southeast Asian standard. "And for those who are not civil servants and those who already are civil servant, if you want to leave, and if you have librarian certificate, you can easily be received in any library because the certification of Indonesian librarian is of ASEAN-class," she said.

Concerning National Library certification schedule, Adriati urged to check Perpusnas website. "Certification duration is two days, but if the competency is convincing, it can be completed within half an hour," he said.

Meanwhile, for library accreditation, Adriati explained that it can be carried out through Library Accreditation website and meet the requirements listed; then, register the Library Principal Number which will be accredited, afterwards the assessor will visit the library to be accredited to carry out the assessment.


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