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17 Sep 2019

Library: Home of Civilisation and Tourist Destination

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Library is home of civilisation where humans interact with their environment. From these interactions, arise life norms. This was conveyed by Senior Librarian of National Library Subeti Makdriani as a speaker with the theme "Library as Home of Civilisation" at Inspirational Talk with National Library Senior Librarian. Besides Subeti, also present as speaker, National Library Senior Librarian Titiek Kismiyati who spoke about "Library Tourism".

Both performed on the main stage of Perpusnas Expo 2019, National Library Service Facilities Plaza, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 11, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (17/9/2019). According to Subeti, library is a living place for people. Library is a place to read for the public while preserving the assets of civilisation. "Library as a place to store, place to process, and place to care for civilisation," said Subeti.

She added, information content at library should not be lost; because the information content at library must benefit all generations, including the heirs of the nation. "Every library must have standardised standards, i.e. public libraries, the contents of which must be about things that are general, school library, the contents of which should be related to the lessons existing at school," she explained.

Meanwhile, according to Titiek Kismiyati, library can be one of tourist destinations. This can be realised if the building has historical value or interesting. Moreover, the facilities must also be clean, complete, and convenient for visitors.

"Tourist destinations are not necessarily places usually visited such as beaches, mountains, etc. But if you visit other places or countries, try to put library as one of the destinations to which we must go, so as to as well expand our insights on the history existing in the region or the country we visit,” she said.

In her opinion, to attract visitors to visit library can be done through cooperation with local tourism agency, bloggers, and tourism community.



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