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14 Sep 2019

Writing is Easy and Makes You Happy

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Writing is easy and it can bring happiness. To be a reliable writer who produces interesting and good-to-read writing, one should pay attention to three things, namely interest to read and write, intention to learn it seriously, and maintaining it consistently in writing. Author of the bestselling book "Jodoh Tepat Waktu", Wulan Darmanto, said in the writing process, author is asked not to rely on mood.

"Don't follow your mood and don't get stuck in it. Spend once a day to write, because when we understand that we should write, then the flow just comes up, we will have the mood to write,” explained the author of 10 books while she was being a speaker in Talskhow “Easy Writing: Light Writing for Hobby and Happiness” at Soekarman theatre of National Library Service Facilities building, Saturday, (14/9).

The woman active writing since 2007 explained, diligent practice and a long process must be passed through to become a writer. "So don't tell me I'm not talented. Or how do I write? Studies show that it takes 10 thousand hours for a person to become an expert in their field. The key is to practise and continue to process,” she described.

According to Wulan, there are eight benefits of writing that can bring happiness to the authors and readers. First, writing can build dreams. When the dream is written, it will be life motivation. Secondly, writing makes the mind clearer. "Writing is very effective for introvert people, a grumpy. Writing can help think clearer, by releasing negative emotions, which cannot be pronounced with words. Writing is proven able to prevent people from getting divorced. My own friend experienced it,” she said.

The former journalist mentioned six other things, among others are writing is beneficial to overcome anxiety; writing is a fun experience that explores sad and happy moments in life; writing establishes an adaptive personality; writing traines focus; writing is mental therapy to overcome sadness; and writing helps past difficult times.

Wulan explained writing is very effective in passing through difficult times. She took example the third president of RI BJ Habibie who overcame hard times after the loss of Mrs. Ainun Habibie by writing the book "Ainun dan Habibie". "During depression, Habibie was asked by the doctor to write. And in 2.5 months the book “Ainun dan Habibie” was written. Written during depression and cured just when the last page was completed. It is proof that when writing, hard times will be passed. And when one is happy, it will be a monument for us,” she told.

Interesting writing will attract people to read. Writing ideas can be light things that exist in one’s own or others’ surrounding environment or life experiences. "I'm writing trivial stuff of little importance, which I share on website. Even the penny-ante stuff is bestseller, some read. Writing is not hard. The impact of interesting writing drives readers to read, makes them need to read, and they experience reading dependency,” she concluded.




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