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14 Sep 2019

Listening to Nusantara and World Stories with Perpusnas and Ayodi Community

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – A fairy tale is imaginary story and storytellers tell the story like they live out the story with movements animating the story. Domestic and foreign storytellers performed to entertain at Nusantara and World Stories Festival, held by Perpusnas with Ayo Dongeng Indonesia (Ayodi) community.  The festival was a series of Perpusnas Expo 2019 events which coincided with Library Visit Day and Fond of Reading Month.

Hendra, one of storytellers of Ayodi community told the story of Mawira village in South Sulawesi. "This story contains the moral that diligent teeth-brushing is important," he explained after performing on Saturday, (14/9).

Meanwhile, storyteller and founder of Ayodi community Ariyo Zidni did not want to miss to tell the story from White Elephant land, Thailand. In the presence of hundreds of children, Zidni advised that the children not forget to eat three times a day. More or less, stories from Thailand have a lot in common with tales of Nusantara. This is because the culture in ASEAN region countries is not much different.                   

Also performed were storytellers from Taiwan, Chen Ming Hsiang (Uncle Fat) and Richard Dian Vilar of the Philippines. Uncle Fat told a story titled "Bottle Cap" which has the moral humans should help each other, never give up, and always have hope.

Storyteller Richard Dian Vilar told a story about ang bituin which means star. The story is about the legend of sun, moon, and star. "This story means that all children are stars," he explained.

At the event, the children present on the spot were awarded with gift under the condition that they presented sweet smile and can answer questions about the story having been performed by guest star.

In addition to storytelling, Nusantara and World Stories Festival were also filled with Reading Aloud. Here, the performers voiced their reading with intonation and utterance easy to understand so listeners captured the information provided. This loud reading succeeded to attract children’s attention. One of the performers of Ayodi Desri community read aloud story from Java titled ‘Joko Kendil'.

Nusantara and World Stories Festival lasted for two days (14-15 September).




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