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16 Sep 2019

Fun Science-Learning at Perpusnas Expo 2019

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - National Library hosted a talkshow and fun science-learning workshop with Rumah Sains Indonesia. The activity titled "Fun Science" was part of Perpusnas Expo 2019. In this activity, the participants the majority of which are students were guided by Doctor Agustino Zulys with the main theme "Water for Life".

At the beginning of the event, Agustino practised science experiment using a blank white cloth sprayed with magical water into a writing 'Welcome to Expo Fun Science'. This managed to trigger the attention of the participants present at multi-function room of National Library Service Facility building, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 11, Central Jakarta, on Monday (16/9/2019).

"In order to be healthy, water should be boiled so that bacteria die, water is important because in this world many people die because of water shortage. In Indonesia there is a lot of water, so we must be grateful for that," he said. Agus also practised experiment creating elephant toothpaste.

Next was rainbow experiment using materials in the form of red syrup, sugar solution, dish soap, water mixed with blue dye, silicone oil solution, cooking oil, ethanol, and baby oil mixed in one bottle. All the ingredients were not mixed, yet layered and the end result looked like a rainbow.

Agustino also performed a science experiment using baking soda. Baking soda is inserted into a balloon and the end of the balloon was used as a cap of a bottle that has been filled with citric acid, then the balloon expanded by itself. "Such reactions occurred because baking soda and citric acid can produce gas," he explained.

Participants were given the opportunity to conduct a science experiment with Agustino, an experiment with balloon that was given liquid soap at both ends, and then did not explode when stabbed. "Because liquid soap is a substance that can seal the pores of the balloon. Although it was stabbed but still closed, thus balloon did not explode," he said.



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