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18 Sep 2019

GPMB Asked to Encourage Regional Governments to be Serious on Reading Culture

Tugu Tani, Jakarta -- Both government and private sector’s good intention in developing libraries, public reading parks (TBM) as an attempt to socialise reading movement that will improve the quality of human resources has not been carried out seriously. This can be seen from little interest in founding Reading Interest Socialisation Movement (GPMB) organisation in each region. Whereas, the existence of GPMB is the initiative of National Library since 18 years ago, precisely on 25 October 2001 at Bogor Palace.

The reality was delivered by Prime Secretary of National Library Sri Sumekar when opening GPMB National Consultative (Munas) and Seminar in Jakarta, Wednesday (18/9).

"GPMB, since the beginning of its founding, is a strategic medium to build solidarity and commitment of libraries and communities concerned with reading culture in building of Indonesian intelligent society," said Sri Sumekar.

Unfortunately, the support shown by local government is still lacking. It is proven since 2001, GPMB has been established only in 14 provinces and 34 regencies/municipals.

It is such an irony considering the desire and spirit to mobilise people to love reading has been a common determination. However, it requires to be accompanied by consistency as well as increased intensity in all regions because building culture or character cannot be carried out instantly, but must be gradually, continuously, and sustainably.

Prime Secretary admitted some regions have been impelementing a variety of strategy tips as a breakthrough to build reading culture in society.

"Initiative and innovation are important to be carried out as many as possible, since National Library is targeting to be in the world's top 10 in terms of reading activity. However, the target must be accompanied with adequate budget support.

GPMB National Consultative (Munas) and Seminar lasted for three days (18-20 September). On the first day, Munas and commission meetings discussed articles of association of the organisation, programmes and budgets, and chairperson election procedure. On the following day, seminar with keynote speech Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando, activist Gol A Gong, writer Kirana Kejora, director/film writer Danial Rifki, and literacy music entertainment from Ferry Curtis. GPMB Seminar was attended by not less than 200 participants from various communities, literacy/public reading park activists from all over regions.



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