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19 Sep 2019

GPMB Seminar; Without Reading, Human Will be Extinct

Tugu Tani, Jakarta One thing that makes Singapore, South Korea, and Japan advanced countries is its wealth of human resources. Geographically, natural resources in these three countries is not more than 10 percent. However, they are able to create various advanced technologies and went global. All of those are not separated from reading habit.

Indonesia has historically been known as a great nation. Sriwijaya Kingdom in the 7th century showed the existence of Indonesian archipelago in global competition. At the time, spoken culture flourished in Indonesia. Many tales or stories of the past accompany its growth from generation to generation.

Gradually reading culture began to grow. However, in times of reading culture has not been stable in the communities; they are being hit by swift audio visual culture. So strong that almost every time the communities are carried away with a variety of shows that are mostly terrible and even become habits.

Not only hit by the exposure of audio visual culture, the community is again crowded with social media communication arising from internet technology. People are getting further away from reading activities.

Cultural shifts cause library paradigm to also change in line with the development of the era. The same goes with reading habit. No matter how sophisticated technology is created so that people can easily access reading material through cellular phones, gadgets, or laptops, conventional reading habit is still exist, especially for those living in areas facing difficulties in terms of transportation and optic fiber network.

The problem is not on low reading interest but the available reading material that is still lacking. The man who does not read will bring himself to the abyss, "said Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando during the opening of Reading Interest Socialisation Movement (GPMB) Seminar in Jakarta, Thursday (19/9).

The book teaches a string of letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs. Reading habits take humans to literacy gates.   From literate community will rise various ideas, innovations; they will be able to interpret the explicit and implicit information, it is not unlikely that they even be able to produce products/services benefitting the public. "That is the essence of literacy that becomes the trend of developed countries," added Syarif Bando.

The field of education should also change; not just teaching students to read write but also learn to be literate. Book is, indeed, a space that does not restrict. Through books and reading humans are taught to be open to world development and all the problems of rapid development. National Library continues to provide infrastructure, collection, to soft/hard ware to every region requiring a number of deconcentration programs and special allocation funds (DAK).

Reading Culture Socialisation Seminar is a strategic activity in the field of socialisation of community with reading culture. GPMB chairman Bambang Supri Utomo was expecting the meeting this time to positively impact on the building of commitment of development components, such as accelerating and increasing reading culture socialisation especially for suburban communities and children, improving programmes related to reading culture/reading interest index and national literacy index to build effective communication and information medium.

The seminar featured Director of National Library, literacy activist Gol A Gong, director/film scenario writer, Danial Rifki, researcher and novelist Kirana Kejora, music activist Ferry Curtis, and Dani Akhyar.



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