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22 Sep 2019

WWA Bekraf Launches Nine Anthology Novels

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Elang Tempur and Elang Gunung are part of writerpreneur and alumni of Workshop Writerpreneur Accelerate/WWA group formed by Creative Economic Agency (BEKRAF) from Bogor and Surabaya.

The group had the opportunity to launch nine novels, at National Library Soekarman Theatre Room, Sunday, (22/9).

The novel launch was enlived with parody to book thriller of each novel. The novels launched were titled Antargata, Episode Kita, Menuju Kembali, Mereka (Ti)ada, Rempah Rindu, Tumpeng, Pitaloka, Suatu Hari Bersama Pak Senen and Anak-anak Matahari.

Representatives of writers were given the opportunity to tell the synopsis of each novel. The novels written by writerpreneur certainly have element of local wisdom.  "Who else will boost local wisdom if not our own," said WWA author and mentor Kirana Kejora.

Kirana admitted each of her students were taught in a fierce manner.  "Because I expect fighter eagles, not parrots," Kirana said.

According to Kirana, novel of any kind must have element of continuity in a story and tagline.

The novels released were not only written by one person, but a group of six to seven authors of each novel.



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