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21 Sep 2019

Pramuka must be Good at Reading

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – National Library of Indonesia in cooperation with Regional Kwartir of Special Capital Jakarta held a "Reading Prowess" event. Head of General Collection Service Division of Perpusnas Lutfhiati Makarim said reading skill is knowledge that plays an important role in understanding information to achieve a purpose.

Participants of the event who were Scout and junior high school and senior high school students were invited to make use of book collection in library. "I hope that National Library can be home for all of you, because you will later become the successors of this nation," said Lutfhiati Makarim in the opening of “Reading Skills" held at National Library Auditorium, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 11, Central Jakarta, on Saturday (21/9/2019).

The activity which is a part of activity series of Perpusnas Expo 2019 was also filled with talk show titled "Scout Reading" which discussed the importance of literacy culture among Scout and Scout patrons. The talk show presented two speakers, Untung Widiyanto (regional representative, retired Tempo magazine reporter) and Prakoso Pramono (the exemplary Penegak, awarded by President Joko Widodo).

Today, according to Untung Widiyanto, many people have social media accounts to provide them with information as well as the privilege in presenting themselves. The development of digital world makes information is easily obtained from almost anywhere. The man often called Kak Untung invited Scout to remain wise in assessing an information/news or shows so as to be able to recognise whether the news or shows are hoax or valid. "It is important to be critical when reading in social media world, do not easily believe, do not easily get stirred, and do not be easily tempted," he said.

Meanwhile, Prakoso Pramono stated that book is window of the world. Reading is important because by reading an individual can add insights in everything that has not been or would like to be known deeper. "Because many great people were born from reading; one of them is the third President of the Republic of Indonesia, B. J. Habibie. He has a large library in his house, meaning that he has many books, also read a lot, thus he has broad insights and can achieve so much," said the man who is commonly called Kak Prakoso Pramono.

In addition to the talk show, the event also featured dance creations of Betawi Kembang Yimik from Tari Betawi Kwartir DKI Jakarta workshop participants. Participants who attended "Reading Skills" event were SMP and SMA students in Jakarta, which amounted to 160 Scouts and 16 patrons.


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