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22 Sep 2019

Closing of Perpusnas Expo 2019

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Vlog competition is the closing event of Perpusnas Expo 2019 series of activities. The vlog-making competition is in line with the theme of Perpusnas Expo 2019, namely "Sharing Knowledge for Prosperity".

Vlog competition winners consisted of six major winners and three favorite winners. All winners are entitled Wayang Panji from Perpusnas. Prize announcement and award to the winners were held at the closing ceremony of Perpusnas Expo on Sunday (22/9).

Perpusnas Expo 2019 lasted for 18 days, filled with 155 exhibition booths and 108 activities from various ministries/institutions, local governments, regional libraries, BUMN, organisations, and communities. Perpusnas Expo 2019 activities were attended by 16, 235 participants and students. Visitors to Perpusnas during Perpusnas Expo reached 32, 973 people until close to the closing day.

"I hope that in the future the transformation that has been carrid out by National Library can be copied and exemptied by all libraries in Indonesia," Head of General Collection Service Division Luthfiati Makarim.



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