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30 Sep 2019

National Library Supports Nagekeo as Literacy Regency

Mbay, East Nusa Tenggara – At Nagekeo Literacy Festival 2019, National Library inaugurated Nagekeo as literacy regency. Director of National Library (Perpusnas) Muhammad Syarif Bando stated that this is a form of support from Perpusnas to Nagekeo regency which has vision to build human resources through literacy.

"Our obligation from National Library as central government, is to fully support Regent’s desire because this is in line with the wishes of central government. We know that President Jokowi has declared "Superior Human Resources Advanced Indonesia" and I think this is very agreeable for us to follow up, "Syarif Bando said in the event held in Berdikari Square, Mbay, East Nusa Tenggara, on Monday (30/9/2019).

Nagekeo Literacy Festival 2019 with the theme "Establishing New Civilisation Home in Eastern Indonesia Through Library" took place on 27-30 September 2019. At night the festival was filled with talk show with regent, deputy regent, chairman of DPRD, and thousands of people also present enlivening the event.

NTT Deputy Governor Josef Nai Soi read the declaration of NTT Arise, NTT Prosperous, accompanied by all regents and mayors of NTT, witnessed by Syarif Bando. The declaration contains commitment to support literacy and use libraries to improve the welfare of NTT people.

Regent of Nagekeo Yohanes Don Bosco Do stated literacy festival held for the first time was held to promote the peculiarities of Nagekeo to remain relevant amidst the changing world. One of them is to re-raise Esu Kose pottery craft lost for 40 years. On the evening of the festival, a total of 1,000 women were involved in Esu Kose Parade.

"Esu Kose is a symbol, my spontaneous memory, that we actually have something, creativity, handicrafts, as for, weaving, it is already known widely. But this pottery, it represents the skills, culture that was lost 30-40 years ago. So, we revive it, in a mass buzz. This is a revival of Nagekeo community represented by the indigenous people of Ndora, Nangaroro district. And I hope in the coming year, this literacy festival will also exhibit people’s creations which have long been abandoned, "said Regent Don.

Vice Governor Josef appreciated the grand event held by Regent Nagekeo. In his opinion, literacy festival involving cultural richness is a form of reverence for Allah (God), nature, and ancestors. "Ladies and gentelemen wear traditional clothing, this is not just ancestral handicrafts but also our ancestors’ intellectual property," he said. Vice Governor Yosef explained that literary festival is one of his mission manifestations with NTT Governor Viktor Laiskodat, which is improving the quality of human resources. It can be realised through literacy and library utilisation.

"Literacy means we build libraries in each village so that all people can read," he explained.

He explained, the spirit carried by Law No. 43 of 2007 on library has a profound meaning. "Like the Latin philosophy saying that learning is not for school but learning to live. That is literacy, "he concluded.

On the occasion, Syarif Bando handed over three mobile library cars to Wagub Josef for East Nusa Tenggara Province, Nagekeo Regency, and Sabu Raijua regency. In addition, Head of NTT PKK team Julie Sutrisno Laiskodat was crowned as mother of literacy from NTT.


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