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09 Aug 2019

National Library Hands Over Three Memory of the World Certificates to National Archives

Ampera, Jakarta - National Library of the Republic of Indonesia handed over three certificates of Memory of the World (MoW) to National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia. The three MoWs received from United Nations Organization for Education, Science, and Culture (UNESCO) are manuscripts from National Library collection namely Babad Diponegoro, Nagara Krtagama, and Panji Manuscript manuscripts.

The hand over of certificate which are classified as static archive was carried out by Prime Secretary of National Library Sri Sumekar to Prime Secretary of ANRI Sumrahyadi in Soemartini Room Building A 2nd fl., ANRI, on Friday (9/8/2019). On the occasion, Sri Sumekar was accompanied by Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services of National Library Ofy Sofiana, Head of Library and Information Services Centre Teguh Purwanto, and Head of General Bureau Joko Budi Santoso.

In her remarks, Sri Sumekar stated that the static archives hand over was an implementation of the mandate of Government Regulation Number 28 of 2012 on Implementation of Law Number 43 of 2009 on Archives Article 51 saying the leaders of state institutions are obligated to hand over authentic copies of the archived original manuscripts to ANRI.

"We hand over this script archive to be stored and preserved in ANRI as government archive that should be preserved," said Sri Sumekar.

Meanwhile, Sumrahyadi appreciated the archives hand over in the form of three certificates of National Library collection which received MoW. He considered the static archives hand over was a proof that National Library had complied with the legislation in accordance with PP No. 28/2012 and had succeeded in leaving trail because it has involved in static archives hand over. Static archives are records produced by record creators because they have historical use value.

"It is our responsibility as archival foster institution to maintain and preserve static archives. Static archives are records that have historical value. Well, this static one is stored as nation’s collective memory," he explained.

On the occasion, Sumrahyadi asked the leaders of National Library to not only hand over certificate archives, but also archives on the process of proposing manuscripts registered for MoW. This is useful because it has historical value and can be reference for National Archives in the process of proposing its collection to be registered for MoW. "Because this can be a lesson for us in proposing for MoW. We already have collection which received MoW, namely Asian-African Conference archive and Tsunami archive. And the ongoing process is Non-Aligned Movement archive,” he said.

Three National Library manuscripts collection received MoW certificates from UNESCO, namely Babad Diponegoro and Nagara Krtagama manuscripts in 2013 then Panji manuscript in 2017. Through the acquisition of these MoW certificates, National Library carries out the commitment regarding preservation and access to documentary heritage including in digital form.



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