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12 Aug 2019

Celebration of Eid-al Adha 1420 H, Sharing for All

Salemba, Jakarta - Celebrating the moment of Eid al-Adha 1420 Hegira, National Library held animal sacrifice rite, Monday, (12/8). A total of 8 cows and 19 goats sacrificed came from donations from employees and working partners of National Library. The number has increased from the number of sacrificial animals in the previous year.

National Library Inspector, Darmadi, in his speech said that the implementation of sacrifice which is carried out every year is an event to get closer to the Creator, Allah SWT, and moments of sharing with others. "In fact, it is confirmed who is not able to sacrifice when in fact he is capable, then it is prohibited from entering my house (mosque),” Darmadi said quoting one of Prophet Muhammad’s hadiths.

Meanwhile, Chairman of National Library Eid al-Adha Committee, Ahmad Masykuri said, thousands of sacrifice meat chunks will be distributed to employees within National Library, security officers, office boys and cleaners, and a number of foundations and residents around National Library.




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