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13 Aug 2019

National Outstanding Librarian Competition 2019: Librarian should Adapt to Millennial Era

Tugu Tani, Jakarta - Librarians today must produce innovation and creativity in presenting information and services in accordance with the habits of millennial society. Innovations made by librarians must be felt directly by the communities.

This is inseparable from the development of science and technology which has a significant impact on various sectors of life, including libraries. Moreover, library plays a role as the frontline in providing credible information for the communities.

"Libraries with all their capabilities must transform to provide technology-based information service that can be utilised by all circles of society," added Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, when opening National Outstanding Librarian 2019 competition in Jakarta, Tuesday (13/9).

In the era of global competition, competence is an absolute requirement, but librarians must also have creativity and innovation in managing library. Librarians with innovation and total dedication in managing library in a professional manner as well as maximum service deserve to be called as the best accomplishment achievers.

Outstanding Librarian was participated by 29 librarians representing the province which took place from August 13-19. Participating librarians are best librarians who have passed the selection stage at provincial level.

If librarians’ competence increases, then the quality of libraries continues to develop automatically, thus the image of library and librarian as community partners in learning and working process remains good. This will encourage people to continue to use library as source of useful information in improving their welfare.


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