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08 Aug 2019

Vietnam Wishes to Establish Library Cooperation with Indonesia

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Library is an institution that must be promoted because through library people can learn about culture of the archipelago and the world. This was conveyed by Major General, Dang Quang Minh, during a work visit to National Library on Thursday (8/8). Dang Quang Minh was accompanied by Sergeant Colonel Pham Ngok Thanh, Cl. La Viet Cuong, Colonel Bach Thanh Phuong.

Dang Quang Minh was very impressed with National Library, for him library is supposed to display a modern face, use high technology and have librarian who is always eager to help in providing information to users. "We are really waiting for the opportunity to be able to collaborate between countries in the library field," he said.

Responding to this wish, Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, expressed his appreciation for the arrival of IDS Vietnam delegation team. Syarif Bando said that relation between Indonesia and Vietnam was very well established to date, for that he was pleased to be able to introduce Indonesian culture through National Library. "We hope to establish cooperation with Vietnam in the near future," he said.

Head of Cooperation and Automation Division, Tuty Hendrawati, added that National Library is information technology-based, in other words, collections owned by National Library can now be accessed online by the public through applications such as OPAC, Indonesia One Search, iPusnas, e- resources, ISBN.

Ending the work visit, Syarif Bando presented souvenir in the form of a pair of masks whose philosophy symbolising Javanese culture to Dang Quang Minh.




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