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17 Aug 2019

The Spirit of Proclamation at UPT Bung Karno

Blitar, East Java-Ceremony celebrating 74th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia was held solemnly at Proclamation Bung Karno Library. Inspector of the ceremony was Head of Information Services and Cooperation Division of UPT PP Bung Karno, Agus Sutoyo. The theme of independence "Superior Human Resources Advanced Indonesia" means that advances in science and technology will make Indonesia outperform other nations. Superior human resource with Indonesian heart and Pancasila ideology is what is required today.

The theme of independence must also be applied at UPT PP Bung Karno by jointly increasing intellect and ability so that it can advance the nation and state.

"We need constructive innovations, clever breakthroughs, easy and fast. We need superior human resources who continue to learn and work hard and are dedicated. Able to reverse the impossibility into opportunity. Reduce weakness into strength and advantage. Turn limitedness into abundance. Change difficulty into capability. And turning the worthless into valuable for society and the nation, "said Agus Sutoyo.

August is a monumental month. It is time for Indonesian people to become human beings who continue to develop their minds and maximum fighting spirit for the advancement of the nation. Moment of independence is time to raise awareness and love for the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

"A lot of momentum was created in 1945, one of which was an event of independence; in which founding fathers proclaimed independence as history recorded. As of August 17, 1945, Indonesian people were no longer colonised but an independent nation," Agus added.

The commemoration of the Republic of Indonesia anniversary is not merely a ritual activity, but it should also be used as expression of gratitude as well as contemplation of the nation's fighters struggle. It is the duty of the next generation to complete the independence with real effort and real work.

Especially for librarians, Agus Sutoyo invited his fellow librarians to continue to spread motivation, transmit high struggling spirit, yield innovations and positive thinking creativity in the library field.






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