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01 Aug 2019

Literacy Spirit of Bendosari Village Children

Blitar, East Java- Proclamator Bung Karno Library (PP Bung Karno) in an effort to implement reading culture development and Bung Karno collection socialisation programme through extension service with mobile library cars carried out Bung Karno's historical literacy activities by introducing children and the public about collection related to Bung Karno with village children of Bendosari Kademangan Blitar, Thursday (1/8/2019) in managing information and mobile library in order to increase reading fondness of village children and the general public in Blitar Raya region.

Mobile library car service activity is aimed to bring PP Bung Karno's extension service closer to the community so that people who live far from regency and municipal centre can be served maximally and to reach remote communities. Bendosari Village, part of Kademangan subdistrict area, is a village of chicken farming and egg producers which is quite famous around Blitar, and no less interesting is the village directly adjacent to Tambakrejo coastal area which is bustling with its white sand beach tourism and grilled fish culinary directly from fishermen and fish auction sites.

At the present time, PP Bung Karno in the effort to carry out extension service activities with mobile library car and bulk loan serves 40 service points with 1 mobile library car (perpusling) that every day greets and serves Blitar Raya community covering Blitar Municipal and Blitar Regency areas. Perpusling car is in Bendosari I Kademangan. Elementary School. The arrival of Perpusling team for mobile library service has apparently been awaited by students, school residents, and school principal, and school committee is active in encouraging the students to use mobile library service to increase school students reading fondness and also through screening of documentaries about proclamator Bung Karno.

According to Principal of SDN Bendosari I, Mrs. Hargriyanti accompanied by School Committee Mr. Basyir, SDN Bendosari I has a vision to realise devout, intelligent, skilled, quality human resources, and with environmental-oriented character, welcomes the existence of mobile library service carried out by PP Bung Karno which also brought bulk loan, an assistance programme of book lent to school library. The Principal has also planned a study tour programme to Bung Karno Library by inviting all students and also accompanied by parents and school committee. "Nyuwunsewu, sorry but if I may propose, children are also introduced to digital library, so that they will be literate through understanding of information technology, as far as I know National Library has mobile electronic library, is it possible that this mobile electronic library also operates in Blitar?," he said with enthusiasm and expectation.

Meanwhile, PP Librarian Bung Karno Purwodarsono who accompanied Head of Information Service and Cooperation Agus Sutoyo and Librarian of Perpusling Team said that with the active role of PP Bung Karno librarians, moving and working in the occasion of literacy with ball pick-up system was part of the mechanism established by National Library leader in carrying out social inclusion-based literacy. This is able to attract the attention of education world and the surrounding communities to visit Bung Karno library. "Through mobile library car, literacy about history of the proclamator is able to bridge knowledge and information to people in remote villages.

And it seems that mobile electronic library will become another dream to be able to surf in digital library world; A hope for the future. Hopefully National Library through PP Bung Karno is able to realise it. Mobile electronic library (pusteling) with social inclusion is a great expectation from the southern tip of Blitar Regency. Salam Literasi. Salam Merdeka!! **





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