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05 Aug 2019

National Library Won Good Predicate for the Application of SPBE

Salemba, Jakarta - Based on the results of an evaluation conducted by Ministry of State Apparatus Deployment and Bureaucratic Reformation (Kemenpan RB) during 2018, National Library won good predicate in the application of Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE). Head of Planning Division Adin Bondar said National Library SPBE index value was at 3.19 from maximum value of 5.

"National Library Index has three domains, including domain of governance, service and SPBE policy. Of all the elements available, National Library SPBE index is in good category. National Library has many electronic services already, for example from a relatively supportive governance policy in SPBE governance," he explained at Socialisation of National Library SPBE Index and Discussion on Action Plan Recommendation of Kemenpan RB, Monday (5/8).

Furthermore, Adin added that in the evaluation on governance domain, especially strategy and planning, were still weak, so it was necessary for National Library to immediately prepare planning grand design. "This is a commitment of National Library of Indonesia in creating efficient, effective, transparent and accountable work process and improving the quality of public services," he added.

Meanwhile, from the results of 2018 SPBE evaluation, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation of Electronic-Based Government System Sub Division of Kemenpan RB, Sigit Supriyanto conveyed the strength and weakness as well as recommendation that must be followed up.

"From the assessment result, the highest point is on governance policy aspect, whereas based on national average result, rarely any insititution gets good grades, but on this aspect National Library gets the highest value. Meanwhile, strategy and planning are the lowest among other aspects," he said.

Sigit also presented suggestions and recommendations for National Library SPBE index evaluation, one of which was to implement ICT budget and expense according to SPBE road map consistently every year as outlined in the work plan and to be regularly monitored and evaluated.




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