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14 Aug 2019

Library is the Gate of Past, Present, and Future Science

Tugu Tani, Jakarta - As the main gate of past, present and future science, libraries must be able to adapt to changing times. Therefore, libraries and librarians must be at the forefront in dealing with changes.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando stated that Indonesia has enormous potential to become a great country. In the next 50 years, Indonesia can become a super power country as long as it is consistent in building human resources (HR). Indonesia can become a superior nation because of its abundant natural resources, smart and competent human resources, and ability to manage industry.

Syarif added, librarians must be able to transmit knowledge to the communities, not just managing library collections. Librarians should be proud of their profession because they can manage knowledge and then transfer the knowledge so that other people's lives change because of the abundant knowledge in library.

"So if someone creates a very sophisticated airplane, then the job of the librarian is to create people who will create the sophisticated objects. Because they have to read. The concrete evidence is, all the products they produce are given a manual, a guidebook," explained Syarif Bando in the Opening of Final National Best Village/Kelurahan Library and SLTA/MA Library Competition at Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta, on Wednesday (14/8/2019).

In front of the contestants, Syarif Bando explained the role of National Library became meaningful when it was supported by all elements of the community, especially librarians and library managers in the regions, schools, to literacy activists. "I want to say that we are a big team that will colour the journey of civilisation building, especially in an effort to educate the life of the nation," he said.

Syarif hopes that library budget in the regions will experience a significant increase. This is in line with the issuance of Regulation of Minister of Home Affairs Number 33 of 2019 on Guidelines for Regional Budget Preparation 2020. Regulation of Minister of Home Affairs Number 33 of 2019 in its elucidation regulates budget allocation for library development in regional budget is in accordance with library collection standard, means and infrastrucutre standard, library service standard, library staff standard, organising standards, and library management standard; fostering reading culture; as well as preservation and development of nation's cultural documentary heritage.

"As long as governor, regent/mayor or Bappeda meet this guideline, because if it is not fulfiled, there will be no approval from Ministry of Home Affairs," he concluded.



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