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14 Aug 2019

Have Yet Reached Level 3, National Library Attempts to Increase SPIP Maturity Level

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Government Internal Control System (SPIP) of National Library has not reached the level matching government’s target. In order to increase maturity value, National Library held workshop "Improving the Application of SPIP" which presented speakers from Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP).

In 2018, SPIP maturity of National Library reached level 2.725. This is yet matched government's target which reached level 3 as set out in National Medium Long-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2015-2019.

"We declare that the application of SPIP at National Library began in 2012 with the issuance of Decree of Director of National Library Number 4 of 2012 on the Implementation of SPI at National Library. Through a long journey, the results have not been able to reach RPJMN target. Maturity control was 2.725 last year, while RPJMN target was 3. It lacked 0.25,” said National Library Inspector Darmadi at National Library Service Facility Building, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 11, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday (14/08/2019).

For this year's assessment, National Library is ready to be validated by a team from BPKP who will carry out the assessment. Previously, as many as six task forces at National Library had conducted an independent assessment before being validated by a team from BPKP. "Of the five elements of control, there are many elements, we have assessed, hopefully validation results are better than last year," Darmadi explained to the team from BPKP.

Meanwhile, Deputy of Supervision of Government Agencies in Politics, Law, Security, Human Empowerment and Culture of BPKP Ernadhi Sudarmanto stated that SPIP serves to ensure the achievement of activity objectives and organisational goals which ultimately aims for efficiency of ministrial/institutional activities operation.

"We interpret SPIP as the context for achieving goals. If government institutions have targets and goals, there will be risks. We define risk as not achieving targets and goals due to internal and external aspects. If targets have not been achieved, we will look for whether this condition still exists? If there is not, thank God, if there is, how to mitigate it due to conditions that are not achieved," explained Ernadhi Sudarmanto.

Ernadhi expressed readiness to assist National Library to upgrade SPIP maturity level. For that purpose, Ernadhi suggested three things that must be met so that maturity level increase, namely not neglecting, not intervening, and no corruption.


SPIP Maturity is level of perfection in the implementation of government internal control system in achieving internal control objectives in accordance with Government Regulation Number 60 of 2008 on SPIP. There are 5 SPIP levels, in which level 2 (developing) means that there are internal control practices but are not well documented. Implementation depends on individuals and does not involve all organisational units. The effectiveness of the control has yet been evaluated as well.



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