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19 Aug 2019

South Sulawesi Develops Alley Library

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - There are many ways you can do to attract people's interest in reading; as is the case in South Sulawesi, which is currently developing alley library.

South Sulawesi PKK TP Chairman Liestiyati F Nurdin said that the existence of alley library could bring reading material closer to the communities. "Currently, we are developing alley library in each sub-district. One of them is Parang Tambun alley library," she said on the sidelines of her visit to National Library, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Monday (19/08).

In her opinion, the existence of alley library has an important role for the communities, especially children today who are now more interested in gadgets than reading books. "We also want to create a library of mothers and children, which is designed so that children can feel at home to read books. We hope National Library can cooperate to realise this library," said Governor Nurdin Abdullah's wife.

During the visit, South Sulawesi PKK TP Chairman Liestiyati F Nurdin had the opportunity to visit each of the services available at National Library; among them, Children's Service, Disability Service, and Graha Literasi.



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