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21 Aug 2019

Sowing Nation’s Character through Library Goes to School

Blitar, East Java - Library Goes to School is a programme that continues to be promoted by Proclamator Bung Karno Library Technical Executing Unit (UPT PP) with Active Readers Communication Forum (FKPA). This programme is very important for students because it instills the values ​​of nationalism, national character internalisation of Bung Karno.

Sunny and warm morning was shrouding. Occasional gusts of wind brought coolness during the trip and the weather in Blitar for the last two months is very supportive to get lazy, cold and very tempting to pull the blanket in the morning. But that did not dampen our enthusiasm to get up to move for literacy. This time Head of Information and Cooperation Services Division of UPT PP Bung Karno, Agus Sutoyo, Coordinator of Active Reader Communication Forum (FKPA), Yanuar Hafidz, Librarian Budi Kastowo and several other librarians headed for SMAN 2 Blitar City, Wednesday (21/8).

Library Goes to School is a means for library to get closer to the community. This was acknowledged by Agus Sutoyo. UPT PP Bung Karno attempts to provide a comprehension of nation's character among teenagers, especially students of SMAN 2 Blitar Municipal. "Character education is an essential thing that becomes the school’s task. Not just giving satisfying score, "explained Agus Sutoyo.

Character is a distinctive value, whether the character, moral, or personality of a person formed from internalisation of various policies that are believed and used as viewpoint, way of thinking, behaving, speaking and conducting in daily life.

"Whereas, the character of a nation is the quality of typical national collective behaviour, both reflected in the awareness, understanding, savour, initiative and behaviour of Indonesian nation and state based on Pancasila, 1945 Constitution; diversity in the principle of Unity in Diversity and commitment to the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, "Head of Service added, quoting Yudi Latief's statement.

Meanwhile, Principal of SMAN 2 Blitar Municipal, Ahmad Damanhuri, admitted that FKPA activities that were packed in Library Goes to School were very inspiring. With the presence of UPT PP Bung Karno, students learned a lot about nation’s character. "Character education is very important to foster nationalism towards the country. This was conveyed by Bung Karno decades ago, "Ahmad said.

In line with Principal of SMAN 2, supervising teacher who was also one of speakers at the event, Widiastuti conveyed that the socialisation on Bung Karno's thoughts and nationalism was very appropriate to invite students to better understand nation’s character instilled by Bung Karno. "Library Goes to School, which is the latest programme of UPT PP Bung Karno, needs to be intensified even more to schools, keep up the spirit Bung Karno Library," she hoped. ***


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