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30 Aug 2019

Medan Wishes to Build a Representative Library

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Literacy condition in Medan is very alarming. This can be seen from the comparison of reading interest in Medan which is still very low, 1: 1,000. The situation is caused by lack of infrastructure and inadequate facilities in Medan municipal library. This was conveyed during the visit of Medan Municipal DPRD along with Medan Municipal Library and Archives Service to National Library on Friday (30/8).

Chairman of Medan Municipal DPRD, Henry Jhon Hutagalung, realised that libraries play an important role in realising superior human resources, "By learning and reading we have advantages over the others," he said. Therefore, library facilities need to be equipped in order to serve users better. "Indeed, there are also very minimal facilities. We will encourage more representative facilities, so that people can make library as second home, "added Chairman of Commission 2 of Medan Municipal DPRD, H. T. Bahrumsyah.

The work visit was aimed to ask for assistance and support from National Library of Indonesia concerning library in Medan. Head of Law and Organisational Subdivision, Budi Kusumawardani, appreciated and supported the intention of Medan Municipal DPRD. "There are several requirements that must be completed, such as regional regulation, proposals, and so on, so that the submission of Special Allocation Fund (DAK) proposal for the construction of regional library building can be immediately processed," Budi said.


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