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17 Aug 2019

DIY Wins National Best Achievement Librarian 2019

Tugu Tani, Jakarta-After going through a series of cognitive tests, interviews, and presentations, librarian from Yogyakarta Special Region, Arda Putri Winata, was chosen as National Best Librarian 2019, on Saturday (17/8). The award was given directly by Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library, Woro Titi Haryanti.

Putri succeeded in bringing home the prize worth of Rp. 20 million. This petite woman succeeded in surpassing Novita Dwi Anayati, a librarian from East Java, and Dian Arya Susanti, a librarian from West Java, who received the titles the best two and three.

On the occasion, Woro Titi, said that the current era is difficult to predict. Knowledge develops very fast. It is library that is able to connect the progress of civilisation to society.

In order to remain relevant to the future, library must transform.

"Inclusive libraries are needed. Those that are sensitive to community needs," said Woro Titi.

Inclusive libraries are those that are close to the community. Inclusion does not only apply to public libraries but can also be practised in special and school libraries.

Inclusion is a social approach so that library can be friendly and close to the visitors.

The role of librarian continues to develop. 10 years ago it was limited only to static workspaces. However, the changing era requires librarians to carry out transformation (change) so as not to be left by visitors.

"Librarians must be creative, be good at synergy, and think out of the box," added Deputy 2 of National Library.

The role of traditional, religion leaders must also be maximised so that the benefits of library can be broaden. Libraries are not longer just storing and serving collections but can connect people to various opportunities.

National Achievement Librarian Competition was attended by 29 outstanding librarians representing the province. In addition to taking various exams, they also took part in a series of events ranging from listening to the speech of MPR/DPR plenary session, sowing flowers at heroes' tombs at national cemetery, attending independence-day ceremony at the palace, visiting Tempo group data and information centre, and educational tours to museum.



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