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08 Jul 2019

Director of Basic Social Services: Empower Village Library for Public Welfare

Batam, Kep. Riau – Village management has two principles namely principle of recognition and principle of subsidiarity. With these two principles, village is given the authority to organise and manage itself. This authority is driven by diversity between one village and another. This authority is to organiseand manage their own affairs including village fund. This was explained by Director of Basic Social Services of Rural Community Development and Empowerment Directorate General of Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Bito Wikantosa when he was a speaker at Central Work Meeting XXII and National Scientific Seminar of Indonesian Librarian Association (IPI) in Batam, Monday (7/8).

"Village fund is actually intended to improve public welfare, equitable development, and village independence through improving public services, advancing the economy, overcoming gap between urban and village development as well as strengthening rural community as subject of development," said Bito.

Village fund is given so that the village is able to organise and manage its own affairs. Village fund given by the state to village can be utilised after going through village discussion and village deliberation. Without going through these two processes, the village fund cannot be used. Bito added, "Today, village fund has been distributed to 20 villages in 20 sub-districts, 16 regencies from 12 provinces.”

One of village fund items is to create reading park and build village library. Reading park and library in village will foster reading habit by utilising village library. The result of reading, it is expected that rural community can improve life skills in critical thinking, potential mapping and problem solving for members of rural community.


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