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29 Jul 2019

National Library Encourages Ogan Ilir Regency to Communicate Actively

Indralaya, South Sumatra - Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services Ofy Sofiana encouraged Ogan Ilir Regency government to be more active in establishing communication with National Library. Library and Archives Office Service of Ogan Ilir Regency was asked to utilise the assistance program by National Library, especially Special Allocation Fund (DAK) for physical assistance in library field.

"National Library has provided DAK Library Physical Assistance. As for 2020, it is just closed. There are three menus offered, namely Construction of Library Services Facility Building with a budget of 10-15 billion rupiahs, rehabilitation of services consisting of three submenus of library service building renovation, ICT development assistance, assistance in providing library furniture, and library collection development," said Ofy Sofiana in a meeting at Ogan Ilir Regent's Office. On the occasion, Ofy accompanied Commission X of DPR RI who carried out Recess Work Visit (Kunker) of Commission X of DPR RI in Ogan Ilir, South Sumatra, Friday (26/7/2019).

According to Ofy, the regency inaugurated on December 18, 2003, has not received much assistance from National Library. National Library data recorded that, Ogan Ilir Regency only received book assistance for three Islamic boarding schools in 2017. Currently, there are a variety of National Library book assistance programmes provided for regions including book assistance for Islamic boarding school or religious education, regency/municipal library, correctional institution, college, hospital, community. In addition, there is also grant in the form of mobile library car and motorcycle for literacy activists. "Here are some things that require intense communication between the head of office service and National Library," said Ofy.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of Commission X of DPR RI Abdul Fikri Faqih who was the group leader said that the work visit was aimed to carry out the supervision function in order to get direct input from regency/municipal. Fikri explained that during the period 2014-2019, Commission X had produced three laws, namely Law Number 5 of 2017 on Advancement of Culture, Law Number 3 of 2017 on Book System, and Law Number 13 of 2018 on Submission and Deposit of Printed Works and Recorded Works. Therefore, central government is asked to play an active role in socialising the law to ensure a sustainable governance system.

A total of 12 members of Commission X of DPR RI attended Work Visit in Ogan Ilir Regency and Palembang City. On the occasion, also present working partners of Commission X of DPR RI namely National Library, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Higher Education Sector, and Creative Economy Agency). In the meeting, House of Representative’s members and working partners were received by Regent of Ogan Ilir Ilyas Panji Alam.



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