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27 Jul 2019

Library Approach through Art and Culture Literacy a la Bung Karno Library

Blitar, East Java--Flickering lights beautify every corner of Proclamator Bung Karno Library amphitheater. Flashing flashes from a number of cameras and cellphones added the aesthetic side of the dancers' body movement accompanying gamelan sound. There was something different from the gamelan rhythm. Not like the usual. Gamelan sound arrangement sounded more millennial following the will of the era and the audience, that was also attended by many millennials.

A total of 19 dance groups from Patrialoka dance studio took turns filling the Blitar community weekend. Boisterous applause blaringly filled the air, replacing cold night with the warmth of cultural stage atmosphere, Saturday, (27/7/2019) on Amphitheater stage.

The cultural arts performance which was held by Proclamator Bung Karno Library was another way to introduce and popularise library. The art and culture approach was chosen because people of Blitar and its surroundings are still closely attached to cultural traditions and values of wisdom as the implementation of library reaching the public.

Approaches to public can be carried out in various ways. Proclamator Bung Karno Library chose culture as an effort to bring public closer to library by pairing cultural diversity with library activities. This method is considered more effective, efficient, and the results are satisfactory. That means, cultural needs wrapped in public knowledge are met, in addition to its social needs.

The real library is indeed designed to meet all information and knowledge needs of all levels of public. Library must have room for expression; room that can raise energy of togetherness; building psychological closeness.

Law Number 43 of 2007 on Library states that as an effort to advance national culture, library is a means of preserving the nation's cultural wealth.

The word culture according to Koentjaraningrat (2015) is often represented as the work of humans, such as temples, dances, fine arts, sound arts, literature and philosophy. It is further explained that culture is also represented in customs, languages and arts of certain communities.

Bung Karno Library as a library which in fact has the duty to serve all levels of public should be able to meet its users’ needs of cultural information. Bung Karno Library preserves nation's heritage, including the proclamator’s works.

World civilisation cannot change without the touch of people who dare to change and develop that civilisation. Blitar community expected that cultural art performance at Bung Karno Library can be more creative, productive, so that their creativity is beneficial and valuable to the surrounding community.



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