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25 Jul 2019

After the Issuance of SSKCKR Law, National Library Asked to Immediately Draft PP

Kemayoran, Jakarta - After the issuance of Law Number 13 of 2018 on Submission and Deposit of Printed Works and Recorded Works (SSKCKR), Directorate of Library Material Deposit is requested to immediately draft Government Regulation (PP) as implementing regulation for the law. This was carried out so that the law could immediately be implemented comprehensively.

This was conveyed by National Library Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services, Ofy Sofiana, when opening Coordination Meeting of Deposit Field in Jakarta, Wednesday (24-26/07).

"Since the issuance of Law Number 13 of 2018, National Library has continued to make efforts to carry out socialisation. We hope that with this coordination meeting there will be inputs for drafting government regulation as a mandate derived from this law," she explained.

Ofy explained, the existence of SSKCKR Law ratified in December 2018 is a form of National Library's commitment in realising national collections and preserving them as a result of nation's culture to support development through education, research, development of science and technology, as well as utilising printed works and recorded works as national heritage.

"It takes participation from publishers and public in the implementation of SSKCKR Law, one of which is to submit the produced KCKR to National Library or provincial library to be used as collection of SSKCKR and build literacy culture," she explained.

The coordination meeting of deposit field was attended by a number of representatives from ministry/LPNK libraries, provincial library and archives service offices, university libraries, and librarians from National Library.


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