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25 Jul 2019

Sigi and Toraja Utara Regencies Do Not Have Regional Regulation on Library

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – Earthquake that devastated Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi, also destroyed many infrastructures including library. This was said by Deputy Head of Sigi Regency DPRD, Muhammad Umar, during a work visit to National Library on Thursday (25/7). In his opinion, library is a place to build civilisation.

The previous earthquake damaged the library. Therefore, Sigi Regency wanted to apply for Special Allocation Fund (DAK) for renovation and addition of collections. "We also don't have Regional Regulation on library, please explain the process," explained Muhammad Umar.

On the same occasion, Deputy Head of North Toraja Regency DPRD, Rony M. Katunde, also said that the region does not have library building and Regional Regulation on library. In his opinion, Regional Regulation related to library is a legal protection as the base for library and reading fondness activities in North Toraja Regency.

"We have submitted DAK proposal for the construction of regional library building, including the requested detail engineering design. We have also sent the draft of Regional Regulation to National Library to be examined as legal protection," he added.

Responding to the problem, Intermediate Librarian of National Library, Asep Muslih, said that DAK assistance could be used for the stated needs. DAK proposal can be submitted through Krisna application, in coordination with the local Bappeda.

Meanwhile, Head of Legal and Organisational Subdivision, Budi Kusumawardani, explained that Regional Regulation on Library at regency/municipal level has the authority to foster libraries at elementary and lower middle levels. Meanwhile, at the upper middle level, it is fostered by provincial library office service. Budi also suggested that the regions look at National Library Legal Information Documentation Window (JDIH) portal as a reference for Regional Regulation drafting.



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