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25 Jul 2019

Entry Meeting Evaluation for National Library RB Implementation: President Wishes for a Performing Bureaucracy

Salemba, Jakarta - Entry Meeting in general aims to obtain information on progress and development of Bureaucracy Reformation (RB) and Government Institution Performance Accountability System (SAKIP) policies implementation. Entry Meeting is also interpreted as an effort to monitor and follow up the evaluation result recommendation of previous period.

RB goals include in changing three aspects, namely eradicating the abundant of KKN to become clean and dignified, turning poor public service into a quality one, and improving low capacity and performance accountability to be effective and efficient.

President Jokowi wishes for a bureaucratic structure that is performing. Every rupiah coming out of the APBN must be beneficial to people. There is no longer old mindset. It must be changed. "President Jokowi stressed the aim of Bureaucracy Reformation so that the institution will become more agile," said Deputy Assistant for Implementation of Policy and Evaluation of Apparatus Bureaucracy Reformation, and Supervision III of KemenPAN-RB, Naptalina Sipayung, at Entry Meeting Evaluation for National Library RB and SAKIP Implementation, Thursday, (25/7).


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