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08 Jul 2019

Vice President of Frankfurt Book Fair: Books Will Always Exist

Batam, Kep. Riau - Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF) is the biggest book party in the world which always held every October from Wednesday to Sunday. One part of FBF activities is the Guest of Honor, in which Indonesia was elected in 2015. The country selected as Guest of Honor was given the opportunity to introduce their country's cultural wealth and literacy. FBF itself is a literacy activity most covered by media in the world. That was the description of FBF Vice President Claudia Kaiser when she began her presentation at National Scientific Seminar Association of Indonesian Librarian Association in Batam, on Monday (8/7).

Claudia stated that books in the world experienced lethargy. "Data shows that there is a decrease in book purchase of around 6 million," Claudia said. This occurred because of the changes in people's interest of consuming information. Today people use digital applications more and prefer to read concise texts in their daily lives.

Book world can be seen through three perspectives, namely publisher, writer, and reader. Today's publishers must face the fact that technology is rapidly changing the trend of printed books into e-books. Copyright has always been a problem for publishing both printed books and e-books. Today's technological developments allow writers to publish their own books in digital media and have the opportunity to be considered by large publishers. However, piracy still poses a threat to writers as well as printed books. Regarding readers, publishers must now begin and continue to read the readers' wishes in reading activities. Publisher will die without reader.

Regarding the future of book, Claudia expressed optimism about the development of printed books which are still needed because books are the best means for learning. In addition, based on Pricewaterhouse Coopers research, books will always exist. The next question is, in which part do librarians play their function. FBF itself as a world book event has an International Librarians Center forum. "Librarians have their own noble role in bringing book content to public and library is now a place to meet and develop creativity," Claudia said.


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