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07 Jul 2019

Emil Dardak: Library is No Longer a Physical Entity, but a System

Batam, Kep. Riau –Deputy Governor of East Java Emil Dardak emphasised the importance of library role in public life and nation building. History records library as the most glorious place in every advanced civilization in the world, because it is in library that enlightment is obtained. This was conveyed when Emil became the keynote speaker at IPI Central Work Meeting XXI and National Scientific Seminar of Indonesian Librarian Association in Batam, on Sunday (7/7).

Library today no longer struggles in organising collections, but the knowledge stored in them. Each head of library is a chief literacy officer who strives on how to educate nation's life by building literacy culture.

Emil said that there are two challenges faced by library and librarians because now we are demanded on how people can learn quickly and immediately in a short time while information keeps increasing.

First, we are building a culture of reading through reading material in the form of text and creating imagination from it, on the other hand we are also required to be able to present information efficiently in order to quickly educate the public through infographics. However, since the form is in text and image, it can reduce people's imagination when reading it.

"The next challenge for library is information overload, in which there is a lot of information junk, but if the information is structured it will make the public more enlightened. This is where the role of librarians should not only be organising collections, but knowledge, how to create a diffusion of knowledge that can be pushed through the librarian system, "Emil added.

In addition, Emil emphasised on regional government KPI (Key Performance Indicator) not to focus on number of visit to library, but on the reading activity and even perhaps to what is done after reading. Therefore, it is necessary to think how we push reading interest by writing contextual and relevant book. “Make book as solution,” Emil said.


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