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08 Jul 2019

Rida K. Liamsi: Books are the Power to Change the World

Batam, Kep. Riau - "Everything I get now is the result of my interaction with library. In fact, many of the books that I wrote were launched in library," said Rida K. Liamsi, a great writer from Riau Islands and Malay, at IPI National Scientific Seminar XII 2019 in Batam, on Monday (8/7).

Being a great culturalist in the realm of Malay, Riau islands, Rida expressed strong support for library existence. Starting his career as a writer, Rida sharpened his knowledge from books and librarians in library. Starting career as writer and journalist in carrying out his works, Rida always looked for references in library. According to Rida, this must be done so that the writing produced has references that can be traced, valid, and can be accounted for.

Rida K. Liamsi, seeing that everything that is happening now cannot be separated from the past. "Everything starts from the past. The past is mirror of the present and the future. There will be no present and future without the past. The past is an infinite lesson for mankind. In order to be a lesson, the past needs to be studied to take the wisdom stored behind the past," he stressed.

Rida believes that the past is a pillar of tamaddun. Tamaddun is the result of studying the past for the future. As a pillar, the past will support, sustain the present and the future. How to study the past? This is a question that should be answered well to build the pillar of tamaddun. Historiography and literature are two ways that can be done to study the past. Literature is the way human tell the past. Many literary stories that become very useful stories of the past.

He further expressed his opinion about library. Library must be a source of life. Library must be a source of inspiration. Library should not stop at storing the past, but also as a life contributor in the future. The old saying "books are window to the world", should be changed and abandoned into a new saying "books are the power to change the world". Rida gave an example, Hang Tuah Manuscript became a legend that passed through the ages. Many books are able to cross the era because of its quality.

“Don’t be afraid of technology advancement and then library will be abandoned,” Rida continued with the same enthusiasm. Information technology will not be able to eliminate library as a source of the past. Today's information technology complements library but will not replace library. Robot cannot replace the touch of librarian in saving the past and changing the present and future life. A wise and creative librarian can be a source of inspiration for nation's creative power to design its future.

"History is our collective memory of the past, and it is a great asset for us to build the present and the future. And that history is mostly stored in library and guarded by librarians, "said Rida ending his presentation.



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