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07 Jul 2019

Librarians Working to Share Knowledge for Welfare

Batam, Kep. Riau--Indonesian Librarian Association again holds Central Work Meeting XXII and National Scientific Seminar of Indonesian Librarian Association (IPI) in Batam, 7-10 July 2019. Central Work Meeting XXII this time brought the theme "Librarians Working to Share Knowledge for Welfare" and coincided with the birth day of Indonesian Librarian Association 46 years ago.

Speakers who participated in Central Work Meeting XXII and Scientific Seminar were Deputy Governor of East Java Emil Dardak, Director of National Library Board of Singapore Tan Huism, Frankfurt Book Fair vice president Claudia Kaiser, and Joko Santoso from National Library.

The event was opened by Riau Islands Governor represented by Regional Secretary of Riau Islands Province, Arif Fadilah. In his remarks, Arif stated that improving the quality of library is a form of support to realise the ideals in constitution preambule, that is to educate nation’s life. Riau Islands itself is known to have a high civilisation in literacy field since ancient times through King Ali Haji who produced Gurindam Dua Belas (Twelve Gurindam) and as the base of Indonesian language we use today. In addition, there is also King Muhammad Yusuf Al Ahmadi as the founder of Penyengat Island and a printing press to motivate writers’ passion around Riau Islands.    

"Library owned by Indonesia around 164 thousand are the heart of knowledge, it is a challenge for Indonesian Librarian Association in managing its librarians so that they can demonstrate their professionalism in managing and providing the best services," said Tengku Syamsul Bahri, Chairman of IPI 2018-2021, in his speech.

The same thing was conveyed by Director of National Library which stated that the profession of librarians would be noble if they could provide information to public. In addition, there are three world hegemonies, namely military, human resources, and technology, all of which come from improving the quality of human resources starting from reading. This makes library paradigm must change in order to better reach the public. In other words, library paradigm now is that library access is set as priority scale.

The opening of Central Work Meeting XXII and National Scientific Seminar was concluded with a keynote speech by Emil Dardak, deputy governor of East Java. In addition, the work meeting agreed on location of next year's Central Work Meeting in Bali.



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