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04 Jul 2019

Nine Librarians Participate Librarian Assessor Upgrading of BNSP

Matraman, Jakarta—Nine librarians assessors participated in librarian competency assessor upgrading provided by National Assessor Master from National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP), Karyaman LB, in Jakarta, Thursday (7/4). Assessor upgrading is the extending process of competency certification of librarian.

The nine librarians, among others Endang Ernawati from (Binus Nusantara), Opong Sumiati, Adriati, Luthfiati Makarim, Novatriyanti (National Library), Irawan (BATAN), Agus Rifai (UIN Syarif Hidayatullah), Arifah Sismita (PDII-LIPI), and Donni Yudha Prawira (UNIMED).

In his explanation, Karyaman believes that good work attitude is obtained from the real world of industry/work. Even in the future educational background is not longer asked but the skills competency that will be asked. "So, now we are assessing people according to regulations or standards referred to," he explained.

The assessor upgrading starting in 2019 has adjusted to ASEAN format. This means that the certificate issued can also apply to ASEAN region. In accordance with the mutual agreement in Thailand, Indonesia is the Chief Executive of Assessor in the Southeast Asian region. It is planned that in the coming years all fields of profession will be harmonised with certification, but currently prioritised for several professions/expertises. 


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