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03 Jul 2019

National Library Supports the Development of Libraries at Regency Level

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – The absence of library building in Barito Kuala Regency is the concern of local regent. In his opinion, library is a place to motivate children to love reading. This was conveyed directly by Regent of Barito Kuala, Noormiliyani AS, during work visit to National Library on Wednesday (3/7).

“We don’t have library in Barito Kuala Regency, is there a way for me to meet whoever as long as I get this for my people because without reading where would they study,” he explained.

Responding to this matter, Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Study Centre of National Library, Deni Kurniadi, asked Barito Kuala Regency to prepare DED (Detail Engineering Design) and land documents for initial selection process in July to be carried out by National Library, Bappenas, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Home Affairs.  

On the same occasion, Deputy Regent of Tanah Bumbu Ready Kambo confirmed the request to complete facilities and infrastructures of library building in Tanah Bumbu Regency as stated at work visit of Deputy Head of Tanah Bumbu Regency DPRD some time ago.

This year, Tanah Bumbu Regency received DAK for library building construction and the process has reached 20 percent. However, they faced obstacles in terms of facilities and infrastructure needed to complete the library building. “The problem is filling the library, especially books that are useful because in Tanah Bumbu, reading interest for children is now being encouraged,” said Ready Kambo.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando as chairman of work visit meeting expressed his appreciation for the progress of ongoing library building construction in Tanah Bumbu Regency. Regarding constraints in terms of library collections, he ensured that National Library would fully support what had been conveyed by Deputy Regent of Tanah Bumbu Regency.




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