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01 Jul 2019

Coordination Meeting for Librarian Functional Position Assessment Team: Librarians Must Think Out of the Box

Harmoni, Jakarta—Society 5.0 era or smart society is a concept of society centred on people and technology. This concept was first popular in Japan. Smart society puts forward the role of human because it is human who can make various advancements. Japan reminds us how important human resources are at the centre of every organisation. If organisation is managed by human who do not have particular competencies, it is certain that the organisation will deteriorate. 

Strategic issue in ASN reform associated with merit system-based ASN management regulated in Law No. 5 of 2014 concerning ASN is very influential on librarian functional position. In the reform, there is ASN requirement based on workload analysis (ABK).  

"Librarian is a prestigious position, but many librarians lack confidence. Therefore, I ask librarians not to think as dogmatic librarian anymore; only working on the routine. In Society 5.0 era, librarians must think out of the box. What currently needed is librarians who are able to speak and say that libraries are tools to change the world," explained Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando in front of participants of coordination meeting for Librarian Functional Position Assessment Team, on Monday (1/7).

Realising this, National Library as an istitution fostering librarian functional position must also prepare tools that can improve role and competence of librarian through preparation of various librarian competency standards, including technical guidelines, certification guidelines, librarian ethic codes, competency testing, librarian information system development, and so on.

“Career development is certainly considered from the role of librarians themselves, both direct and indirect supervisor, including very influential role of assessment team,” added Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library Woro Titi Haryanti.

The role of Librarian Functional Position Assessment Team, added Deputy II of National Library is to participate in increasing the professionalism of librarians. Assessment Team acts as a competency filter, guardian of assessment quality and standards, librarian performance assessor, and supervisor, as well as evaluator in providing recommendations on librarian competency development for institution.

From the data base owned by National Library, currently in the Assessment Team there are 59 people, consisting of 1 Central Assessment Team, 1 Work Unit Assessment Team (National Library), 17 Provincial Assessment Team, 27 University Assessment Team, and 13 Institutional Assessment Team.

Meanwhile, Head of Librarian Development Centre, Opong Sumiati, said that this Coordination Meeting was aimed to equating perceptions among members of assessment team and employment agency about the regulation of KemenPAN-RB No. 9 of 2014.

“At the present time, we have noted that there are at least 128 problems, obstacles, and hindrances encountered in the field. This forum is also expected in finding solutions to a number of problems arising in various scopes and regions,” explained Opong.

Coordination Meeting of Librarian Functional Position Assessment Team lasted until July 3, 2019, and was attended by no less than 150 participants from representatives of Regional Personnel Agency (BKD), central assessment team, work unit, institution, university, and agency. 




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