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12 Sep 2019

Nurtanio's Successor is Now Gone

The 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia BJ Habibie died at the Army Hospital on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 1803 WIB. Indonesia mourns, mourns the loss of one of his best sons. Indonesian people who love Dirgantara were deeply mourned by the death of BJ Habibie who was not only the number one former person in this country, but also as a person who had succeeded, among others, continuing Nurtanio's aspirations in efforts to make Indonesia align with the ranks of countries in a world capable of making airplanes on its own. Making airplanes themselves as an integral part of managing the territorial air territory of the Republic of Indonesia on aspects of maintaining the country's dignity and sovereignty in the air.

One of its superior products is the CN-235 aircraft which at the beginning of its production, as many as 1 military version of the CN-235 Squadron has been used by the Air Force in the ranks of the troop and cargo transport fleet based at Halim Perdanakusuma Air Force Base. A number of civilian CN-235 versions have also become the backbone of the Merpati Nusantara Airline Airlines fleet in serving flight routes that function to knit the unity and integrity of the nation through remote and isolated areas throughout the archipelago. With such achievements, quite a lot of CN-235 orders came from various countries, including South Korea.

In commemorating the spirit and spirit of BJ Habibie, especially related to CN-235 products, the following is a news quote from the Finance seconds of October 11, 2013:

Former President and Minister of Research and Technology BJ Habibie spoke about the planned joint development of sophisticated fighter jets between Indonesia and South Korea (South Korea) commonly called KFX / IFX.

According to Habibie, South Korea did not excel in the field of aircraft technology including combat types, even the cooperation plan was now temporarily frozen by the South Korean side.

"That is wrong. Right now it's freezed right? That's bullshit, wrong. But he didn't give it, right? "Habibie told detikFinance last week.

Habibie emphasized that South Korea had even imported CN235 military aircraft made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI). In fact, Habibie talked about the experience of the former Air Force Chief of Staff Chappy Hakim during a work visit to South Korea treated to a VIP plane which was none other than CN 235 made in Indonesia. At that time, CN235 was considered the safest plane than the helicopter when the weather was bad.

Inalilahi Waina Ilaihi Rojiun,

We all grieve. May Mr. BJ Habibie be forgiven of his sins and be accepted by Allah Almighty and the family left behind is given endurance, Amin YRA.

Jakarta, 12 September 2019

Chappy Hakim

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