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30 Jul 2019

National Library Asks Sinjai Regency to Synergise DAK with Bappeda

Medan Merdeka, Jakarta-Synergy is the key word for how a development can be carried out as expected by the public. Sinjai Regency, one of the regencies in South Sulawesi, is currently designing the construction and development of libraries that have impact on improving people's welfare. The use of special allocation fund is a part of Sinjai Regency’s efforts to be realised.

That was said by Head of Regional Regulation Formation Body / Bapemperda of Sinjai Regency, A. Zaenal Iskandar when conducting a dialogue with Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Studies Centre (P3MB), Deni Kurniadi, on Thursday, 31/7.

"Since the flash flood disaster in Sinjai, we are currently continuing to create efforts to improve infrastructure. Library is no longer just a place to read but a means of recreation," he explained.

Understanding these needs, he also desires human resources, both librarians or library staff who are professional in service so that they can encourage literacy in the public.

Sinjai Regency admitted that the allocation of funds for library activities was still minimal. Only around IDR 1 billion per year. Therefore, all regional government partners of Sinjai Regency, such as BUMN, BUMD, and the private sector work together to think of solutions for library and literacy problems. "We provide books that fit the needs of knowledge and profession of the communities where they live so that they are effective," Zaenal added.

Responding the wishes of Sinjai Regency, Head of P3MB, Deni Kurniadi, suggested that Sinjai Regency examine all forms of assistance provided by government through DAK libraries, including for the construction of new library buildings, renovation / rehabilitation of buildings, ICT facilities, furniture, and collection assistance.

Building expansion application also requires Detail Engineering Design or DED and Sinjai Regency is also required to include the requirements requested. However, the proposed DAK of Sinjai Regency is projected for 2021, considering that DAK 2020 has been closed.

"First consider the priority needs of library development. Coordinate with Bappeda. If it doesn't suit with Bappeda, it is a bit difficult to help," explained Deni Kurniadi.

Meanwhile, Head of Library Office of Sinjai Regency, Lababa Faisal, added that regional regulation on libraries is scheduled to be completed this year. Because library is related to education, National Library suggests the need for a bit of coercion so that the quality of regional education develops. Or library programme can be included in the preparation of the next term budget.

Keep in mind that library has become a mandatory non-basic issue, thus it needs to be budgeted. "The key is synergy and convincing DPRD because library is included in education function whose budget takes up to 20 percent," continued Deni.

At the present time, Sinjai Regional Government together with 13 regencies / municipals in South Sulawesi is focusing on developing library services for mothers and children in line with to Governor's instructions. "So far public interest to visit is quite great. Per day visit rate can reach 200-300 visitors. But it is not balanced with collection that is still inadequate," added Faisal.




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