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24 Jul 2019

Building Family Resilience, Teuku Zacky Shares Roles with Wife

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Husband and wife must be able to share roles so that family relationship can be harmoniously established. This was applied by artist Teuku Zacky in living domestic life with his wife, Ilmira Usmanova. This celebrity couple always try not to leave their two children altogether for a long time.

"I always have a principle, if you leave the child, do not leave both altogether, for example we both out of town. So, we minimise it so as not to leave the children without our supervision," explained Zacky when he was speaker on a talk show organized by National Library with the theme "Family Resilience through Increasing the Role of Men".

Zacky applies responsibility and discipline in educating his children. He forbids his children from using gadgets in their daily lives. "My children until now have not played games on gadgets and mobile phones. But this has risk, as a parent I can't play gadgets at home either, so I have to spend a lot of time playing with children," said Zacky. He believes playing with his children is a medium for effective interaction.

Meanwhile, psychologist Hilmy Wahdi said that parents who have problems will produce children who have problems. Therefore, the ability of families to deal with obstacles and challenges must be strengthened so as not to undermine family relationships. Family resilience can be formed through a balanced division of roles between husband and wife.

"The problem now is the inaccurate role between father and mother, for example there is no role, lack of role, or excessive role. Men are more as directors, wives as suggestion provider. If couples can complement each other, then they can face all problems. Divorce most often occurs because of infidelity. The first factor for infidelity is the inappropriate role of husband and wife," he explained.

Deputy Chairperson of Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) Rita Pranawati said currently the number of children in Indonesia is around 87 million people or one third of the population of Indonesia. Children's rights are regulated in the 1945 Constitution article 28B section 2. There are four things that must be obtained by children, namely the right to life and growth, non-discrimination, the best interests of children, and participation of children. "Children have the right to play, have recreation, gather, be heard by parents," he explained.

According to Rita, an unbalanced role between father and mother will shape the child into juvenile deliquency perpetrator. Boys who do not have father figure tend to have potential problems in finding self-identity and behaving aggressively. Meanwhile, girls who do not obtain fatherly love or lose male figure will try to find male figure and affection from male as a substitute for his father. The tendency for girls is to experience violence from men.

For children who live in alternative care institutions, said Rita, the role of parents can be fulfiled through the role of substitute for both mother and father. "It is a common concern that the roles of both are very important for children's growth and development," he concluded.

National Library of Indonesia held a talk show to commemorate National Children's Day 2019. The talk show held on the 4th Floor Versatile Room, National Library Services Facility Building, Jakarta, on Wednesday (24/7) presenting psychologist Hilmy Wahdi and artist Teuku Zacky with moderator Adjat Wiratma. The event was enlivened by the performance of the Gebyar Nusantara Dance from SDN 5 Pondok Kelapa Jakarta and Bermain Hujan Dance from SDN 7 Kenari Jakarta.





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