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31 Jul 2019

Three Library’s Roles in National Development

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - The existence of libraries has an important role in national development. Because library not only functions as a deposit centre that only serves books, but also plays a role in improving the quality of human resources that have an impact on improving welfare.

There are three roles of library in national development. First, the role of library as centre of knowledge that can give birth to innovation and creativity. Second, the role of library as centre of community empowerment to develop literacy-based potential. Finally, the role of library as cultural centre.

"Libraries are as important as schools. The difference is, library can be used by anyone, from toddlers to elders. For this reason, libraries must return their spirits, as a vehicle for lifelong learning, "said Head of Division of Culture, Directorate of Higher Education, Science and Technology of Ministry of PPN / Bappenas, Didik Darmanto, in his presentation of Library RPJMN Policy 2020-2024, Wednesday (31/7).

It was explained, according to the President's direction in setting development priorities in the next five years, library has roles in improving human resources. One of them is in the economic field, library can prosper the public through literacy skills. This is sometimes not realised by librarians.

"Therefore, in the planning, budgeting and library development and construction mechanism, we invite library to continue to innovate, considering library is able to expand public access to information and knowledge throughout the country. This ability to access information is the key to create prosperity, "he explained.


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