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24 Jul 2019

Solok Selatan Regency Asked to Complete DAK Supporting Data

Salemba, Jakarta - Regent of Solok Selatan, Muzni Zakaria, along with Head of Library and Archives Services Office of Solok Selatan Regency, Yalasri, consulted about the construction of library building, which has not yet been owned by Solok Selatan Regency, on Wednesday (24/7). "We don't have our own library building and our budget is the lowest," complained the Regent.

Responding to the request, Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Study Centre (P3MB), Deni Kurniadi, appreciated Regent of Solok Selatan’s the commitment and suggested that he immediately make a proposal of request for library building assistance through Special Allocation Fund (DAK). Deni Kurniadi estimates that DAK request proposal for 2020 will be more thoroughly selected by a team consisting of Bappenas, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs, and National Library.

Head of P3MB also explained that proposals that had been inputted in KRISNA application would be checked for supporting data completeness, one of which was DED (Detail Engineering Design). "DED is a planning document made by third party, also equipped with RAB (Budget Plan) and KAK (Terms of Reference) so as to be ready for auction," said Deni.

Head of Library and Archives Services Office of Solok Selatan Yalasri explained that Solok Selatan
Rgency had inputted the data into KRISNA application and is trying to complete the required supporting data.

Deni then reminded that little things like detail information in the supporting data should not be missed in order to facilitate the assessment of assistance reception feasibility. "Usually DED documents and land ownership completion takes time. Don't forget to include information on construction allotment for library, its location, and land width.


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