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23 Jul 2019

Library Collection should Suit Users’ Needs

Kemayoran, Jakarta - The management of library is not only collecting library materials, but the existence of library is expected to have impact on people's lives. Therefore, library collection procurement should be adjusted to the needs of local community.

Such was conveyed by Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando at National Collection Development Coordination Meeting 2019, in Jakarta, Tuesday, (23/7). "I urge that every library conduct survey of users’ need," he explained. Entering the world of 4.0 is very important for libraries to follow world trends in order to improve the quality of libraries. In library science, it is taught to survey users’ need, must be attentive in listening input related to library services and library material collection from users.

Meanwhile, Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services of National Library, Ofy Sofiana, said that based on Law Number 43 of 2007 article 21, National Library is mandated to foster libraries, one of which is library material collection facilitating the realisation of lifelong learning society.

Library collection development activity is an activity in a series of library management, the performance of which greatly influences the success of library in carrying out activity process that includes a number of activities related to collection development, including the establishment and coordination of collection development policy, collection utilisation policy, and library materials selection.

Ofy emphasised that the existence of national collection development coordination meeting is expected to be able to equalise the perception of collection procurement. "The main focus is how the process of procuring collections is fast and precise as well as of high quality, that it can provide reading materials in accordance with the needs of the community," she concluded.


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