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23 Jul 2019

National Library of Indonesia, the Only Library in the World Implementing DRM Concept

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta — CEO of Aksara Maya, Sulasmo Sudharno, founder of digital reading provider, said that currently the number of collections on iPusnas has reached 43,396 titles with a total copy of 508,500 copies. From the data revealed by Lasmo, up to July 22, 2019, the number of book borrowing has reached 3,706,452 copies. And book queue on iPusnas has reached 200,886. "From these statistics, it can be concluded that iPusnas has been downloaded 657,295 times by 459,936 users and 335,370 active users," Lasmo explained when speaking at "Membangun Generasi Cerdas di Era Digital (Building a Smart Generation in the Digital Age)" talk show, on Tuesday (23/7).

Lasmo disclosed that one’s endurance in reading takes no more than 15 minutes. In fact, it is only around six minutes on average. Digital content provision is solution to maintain reading interest and fondness of reading. Moreover, no one guarantees that information on Google 100 percent correct. That reason which later became his foundation to invite National Library to develop digital right management (DRM) solution. National Library is the only library in the world that implements the concept of DRM.

Digital library based on social media provides new experience of reading as well as interacting among libray users that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Of 350 publishers having been incorporated on iPusnas, the content of which has been protected by DRM technology. "This means that publishers must try to redefine their business concept. Establishing books is not only for printing, "explained Lasmo.


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