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16 Jul 2019

Book and Nationality Review: Literacy Is Not Just Reading

Blitar, East Java - Library and Nationality cannot be separated, especially at Bung Karno Library which always keeps various collections of the history of the Proclamator. The historical value ​​which Bung Karno outlined in his thoughts, nationalism is not spared from Indonesia's historical record. "It is very appropriate if Bung Karno Library continues to promote literacy because the literacy that is now viral, was once stirred up in the past by Bung Karno. The current generation only needs to continue," said President of Indonesian Library and Information Science Scholars Association (ISIPII), Wiji Suwarno, at Book and Nationality review held at Proclamator Bung Karno Library, Blitar, Tuesday, (16/7).

People reading do not mean obtaining knowledge. It could be that people read and what they get is data, or it could be that someone reads and what they get is information, and likewise reading can also gain knowledge. This means that the public must always empower library so that literacy is always maintained.

Inevitably, today's society has to read. Reading starts from simple reading, be it conventional reading through books or reading through electronic devices. Currently reading through digital devices is very prevalent. With a mobile phone all information can be read, but the quality of which is not the same as reading physically, namely through books. "Therefore, even though technology is so advanced and sophisticated, even in advanced countries, reading through physical books remains in demand and crowded, including in libraries," Ida added.

Support for all forms of reading, literacy and library activities cannot work alone. Government and library institutions must also be at the forefront in this regard. As shown by Acting Mayor of Blitar, Santoso, who claimed to be always enthusiastic when hearing the word library. In fact, amid dense routine, Santoso, will spare his time to be present to give appreciation and support for Proclamator Bung Karno Library because they often hold scientific and literacy activities, especially those related to Bung Karno's historical record. "No matter how busy, if there is an event related to library, we should support it. Other activities may be in line, but the affairs of library should be done in the first place. It should go on," Santoso joked.

Furthermore, the acting mayor invited people of Blitar Raya to continue to explore the potentials at Bung Karno Library. One of the few regions that has a national-scale library, it must always be maintained, cared for and empowered. Together, National Library and Municipal Government of Blitar have sought to establish this Bung Karno Library to pay high respect and appreciation to the Proclamator. This library is one of the historical proofs that still holds the values ​​that Bung Karno once conveyed, the thoughts and nationalism that have been attached to his beloved nation up to present day. "I appreciate activities such as book reviews that provide information values ​​and inspiration that can be learned to add insight and knowledge," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Bung Karno Library, Janti Suksmarini, said that book and nationality review can inspire people to foster the love for reading, develop an information culture, strengthen information literacy and strengthen a sense of Indonesian nationalism. "Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen modern library management, and to be based on information technology, and to strengthen national literacy. This book review activity is expected to be a great spirit to arouse nationalism and national insight into the next generation of Indonesians," he explained.

Meanwhile, Sri Rochyanti Zulaikha said that the book written by Putu Laxman Pendit brought a message to all of us, librarians, lecturers, archivists, professions related to information, students and observers of libraries and librarians that reading activities are not just reading. However, it is more than that, reading involves activities that carry out interpretation and imagination. "Reading activities are related to what is read; who reads, and how they read it, the social situation that occurs at the time, whether they read silently, alone or in society. Even in a historical perspective, reading is as a creative process. Reading activities can even poison one's thoughts and lifestyle ", he said.


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