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24 Jun 2019

National Library Holds Coordination Meeting on Implementation of Bureaucracy Reformation

Senen, Jakarta – National Library of Indonesia held coordination meeting (rakor) on bureaucracy reformation (RB) implementation. Coordination meeting attended by leaders and staff who are in RB team aimed to complete supporting data and equalise perceptions regarding RB Implementation Independent Assessment (PMPRB) within National Library. PMPRB is one of the activities that must be fulfilled by every ministry/institution to prove the implementation of RB. Furthermore, National Library PMPRB will be verified by Ministry of Administrative and RB Team in September 2019. 

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando stated that the coordination meeting serves to equalise vision in understanding bureaucracy reformation within National Library. “The key word is what policies that will be set by National Library to be improved so that performance can improve,” explained Syarif Bando when delivering direction in RB Implementation Coordination Meeting within National Library, at Lumire Hotel, Jakarta, on Monday (24/6/2019).

Syarif Bando emphasised that RB implementation must show steps that will be changed, not just documents. To improve performance to public, employees are asked to be open on input from other parties. RB implementation ultimately requires employees to work actively. “The world moves to commitment, the main trigger of poverty on earth is laziness not stupidity. RB’s task is to avoid lazy employees,” he said.  

Meanwhile, National Library Prime Secretary, Sri Sumekar, stated there are eight areas of change that must be fulfilled to meet the assessment of RB implementation. The implementation of bureaucracy reformation within National Library is based on National Library RB Road Map 2015-2019 referring to RB Grand Design 2010-2025 based on RB Permenpan No. 8 of 2010. To fulfil the assessment of RB implementation, Sri Sumekar stated that there are a number of documents that need to be documented as supporting data.


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